In 2004 Ray released his first album entitled “What it is” which garnered Canadian and U.K. hits such as “Be the One”, “Missed Your Chance”, and “Girlfriend”. Winning numerous awards affirmed his spot in Canadian R&B and soul music. Despite the success in the R&B industry, Ray felt that there was a void. After searching his soul, and time spent in prayer, Ray realized that the missing void was one only God could fill. At that time he abruptly ended what would be his second R&B album, to focus on the work God impressed on his heart.

The new album, “Do You Hear Me”, is a testimony in conversation with God that will take the listener through the transition of questioning and doubt to praise and servitude. All songs were written and produced by Ray, and showcases his musical influences to date.

It is Ray’s hope that his music opens doors that will allow hime to serve the community with all that he is.

Juno Nominee 2005
MMVA Winner

The New Chapter

Award winning Singer/Songwriter and Producer, Ray Robinson is ready for a new musical chapter with a fresh, new sound and direction with his forthcoming contemporary gospel and R&B/soul release with lead self-titled single “Do You Hear Me”, “All of Me”, “Pray for Me”, featuring Lisa Banton and King Reign plus more…

A story about truth and realization.

This video “Only You”, is a story about truth. That moment when you realize that no matter what you try be it drugs, sex, or a crazy life style. Nothing will ever fill you like God. This is just part of the story from the album, “Do You Hear Me”. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Do you hear me

Ray Robinson

  1. Do You Hear Me
  2. Pray for Me (feat. Lisa Banton & King Reign)
  3. Only You
  4. Give Thanks
  5. I Like It
  6. Love
  7. I Do (feat. Toi)
  8. Hallelujah
  9. I Wanna Go (Heaven)
  10. All of Me
  11. I’m Free (Bonus Track)

Genre: R&B/Soul, Music, Pop
Released: November 3, 2015

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Official Videos

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I Like It

“I Like It” is a fun song just talking about the joy God brings to life and the feeling that it gives. Hope you like it, lol.

All of Me

All of Me, the gospel/R&B song written and produced by Ray Robinson. This song will remind you that the source of your strength comes from God and giving him your all is the only way to access it. Be blessed.

Do You Hear Me?

This song is for everyone who sometimes wonders if God is listening. The first from the new album, Do You Hear Me. Thanks for listening and God still hears your cry, just have faith.

Only You

This video “Only You” is a a story about truth. That moment when you realize that no matter what you try be it drugs, sex, or a crazy life style, nothing will ever fill you like God. This is just park of the story from the Album “Do You Hear Me” available on iTunes google play and more.